Meet the Duo

Meet Christiane:

Hey guys, it’s Christiane – I am a wife, world traveler, wine enthusiast and the co-founder of Views and Vintage.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, attended the University of New Hampshire and now my husband and I live on the coast of New Hampshire. We met in college at a frat party, not the most romantic story. Fast forward 8-years and we’re balancing our full-time jobs with our love of travel, and a few (ok maybe more ;)) glasses of wine…..I’d like to think I eat enough kale to cancel out the wine.

For as long as I can remember travel was a priority for my family, and fully immersing ourselves into the culture through food and wine was always my favorite part. It wasn’t until I took a wine class in college that I really found my passion for wine. At the time it was a fun way to get credits – little did I know it would become a hobby. I used to think only the best wines came from the old-world wineries. While I’m still drawn to the bold mouth taste of wines from the Piedmont region of Italy, and the intense fruity aromas of a dry Riesling from Germany I’ve learned that the new-world wineries here in the US produce some of my favorite cabs!

Meet Stacy:

Hey guys, it’s Stacy and I am one of the co-founder of Views and Vintage! 

I am originally from New Hampshire but currently live in a southern California wine country with my husband, son and fur baby. I have my master’s degree in Accounting but I am currently a full time Stay at Home Mom and loving every second of it! During my time as a SAHM I’ve found my love for cooking, baking and a nice big glass of wine at the end of the week. My husband and I met in a club in Vegas (I know, I know!) while I was on a girl’s trip for Christiane’s 21st birthday and he was on a guy’s trip. After Vegas I was heading to California to meet up with another friend and ended up staying just one town over from where he lived. I would say fate definitely brought us together that night 🙂 I made the move out to California in 2014 to be closer to him. Within three years of my move we got engaged, married and became parents to our incredible son!

I have always liked wine, but it wasn’t until I first visited and then eventually moved to Temecula that I truly began to appreciate it and its complexities. I’ve found my palette has expanded and I no longer go for the sugary juice wines (don’t get me wrong, I still love them!) but I also appreciate all varietals. My current favorites are New Zealand Sav Blancs and I love a big Cab or Zin. One of my favorite weekend activities is going wine tasting, thankfully my hubby is just as big of a wine lover as me! There’s nothing better than sipping on some wine and munching on some crudités with a meat and cheese board, YUM!

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