Temecula – Saved the Best for Last

So you’re looking for a beautiful day of tastings but unsure of which wineries are best, these three are our top picks in Temecula for wearing your favorite outfit of the trip (because let’s be real we know you have one!). The properties are all beautiful and picture perfect settings that are sure to fill your photo (*ahem* Instagram) needs. Only one of our picks is reservation strongly recommended so definitely work your day around Bottaia and then add the other ones as you see fit!


Bottaia is one of the few wineries that is strict on the 21+ age rule and it honestly gives you one of the best wine tasting experiences in the valley because of this (don’t get me wrong, we love wineries that allow for you to bring your little ones to run around but it’s not the same experience). Reservations are highly recommended to ensure they are able to fit you and your party in for a tasting that day. They offer individual tables, food pairing and bar tasting experiences. What we love most about their wine tasting experience is they will never let it get overcrowded, even in pre-pandemic times. Their staff is super knowledgeable on their wines and able to offer their advice on what they think will fit your pallet best after asking you about your general preferences on taste.

This winery has some of our favorite wines in Temecula, they focus in on Italian varietals and their reds are lighter but some of the best in the valley. (Now if you want a true bold and lucious red, check out Doffo – we’ll do a post on them another time but it’s definitely worth the shout out now). Bottaia’s rosé is a solid option and we really enjoyed their whites. This winery has a little something for everyone whether you’re a white or red lover. In addition to their tastings (which you can reserve several different options, make sure you check out their website) they offer a wine blending experience. We haven’t tried it ourselves but it is on the bucket list of experiences to try in the valley and we’ll update this post to give a full review once we have!

This is one of our top picks for you to try when visiting Temecula, their views are breathtaking and their wine equally good. Don’t hesitate, make the reservation – and while you’re at it try out Ponte (their sister winery and just down the street) for a tasting and lunch! You will be equally impressed.


What a beautiful entrance and winery. Bolero is part of Europa Village expansion project and one of three new wineries that will be located on the property. This winery is Spanish influenced and they will have Vienza opening in 2021 which will focus on Italian varietals (and have a really cool wine cave – only the second in the valley!) and then Prelude C’est La Vie which will focus on French varietals and be the last to open. We went on opening weekend of Bolero and it’s honestly one of the best done wineries in the Valley. If you’re looking to keep it a nicer wine tasting day this winery fits the bill, but beware of the dirt parking lot (they are eco friendly here and kept the lot as dirt for water preservation purposes). Once you get inside you’ll be transported to Spain.

Bolero has a really cool Spanish feel with vaulted and wood beamed ceilings, cast iron chandeliers and stucco finishing on the building. Everything in there is new construction giving it a more luxurious feel than some of the older wineries in the valley. They do not require reservations for their tastings and will take walk in’s which is really nice if you’re just playing your day one winery at a time and not on a schedule. They also have an onsite restaurant that offers you tapas and entrees to enjoy as well!

We decided to do their 6 wine tasting which was a pre selected menu. As the tasting went on our wine server was learning our pallets and likes and dislikes in wines that she went off menu and started to pour wines that she thought we would like. Let me tell you, when she started to do this she was hitting the nail on the head pour after pour. Bolero is currently pouring for all three of the Europa Village wineries as it is the only tasting room constructed so it’s a pretty special experience right now. Their Cabernet Sauvignon was surprisingly good and had quite a bit of fruit on the pallet but our favorite by far was their Dolcetto di Alba from Vienza. We’ll be sure to go back to Vienza once their tasting room opens and update you all on what type of experience it is and how the wines are, because from this tasting we’re sure Vienza will be AMAZING.


Avensole is another great winery for a day of nice wineries, and what we mean by that is this is one of the ones that you’re nicer sundress and jumpsuit won’t go to waste. The property is beautifully landscaped with winding sidewalks, pond and vine views that are honestly dreamy. This is a great winery for outdoor enjoyment as they have a gorgeous covered terrace equipped with high tables, fire pits and sofa cushioned seating. Avensole is the ideal winery to do wine tasting during the summer and just enjoy sipping on delicious wine and perfect weather. They have numerous wines that have medaled in competitions, their rosé seems to sell out every year so make sure you try a tasting, glass or even bottle when you visit! Their main focus is on new world wines and Italian varietals

In addition to their beautifully decorated tasting room and immaculate grounds they have a restaurant at the top of their parking lot and the food is so dang good. We’ve eaten here for lunch quite a few times and have never been disappointed. Their Avensole Burger and Fish and Chips were solid and we definitely would recommend giving them a try. They also offer their full wine menu by the glass or bottle and even offer a large beer selection for those looking for a slight change in pace during your day tasting. If you don’t end up doing a tasting but decide on doing lunch here you’ll still be able to try their wine! Restaurant hack – if you’re unsure what wine you’ll like you can always ask the waiter for a taste of one or two before ordering the full glass!

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