Sips and Shows

We’re deep into winter, so now is the perfect time to curl up with a good glass (or bottle, no judgment here) of wine and a binge worthy show. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite binge worthy shows and wines we think would be a good pair.

Bridgerton and Champagne

Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey meets Shonda Rhimes. Need we say more? A period drama based in London during courting season. The show follows high-society families as they pair up their eligible children. The drama and romance that comes with courting season is narrated by Lady Whistledown, yet her identity is a mystery (until the end). Daphne, the main character, spends courting season attending and hosting lavish balls. During which we can only imagine the bubbly was flowing! It’s only fitting you sip on some Champagne while watching this drama.

The Crown and German Riesling

If you haven’t started the Crown this one definitely needs to be added to your list. It’s full of history, and drama! In season four Princess Diana enters the show and I learned so much about her life. I plan on comparing this season to the new Netflix documentary Diana: In Her Own Words to see how accurate it is. We’d pair The Crown with a German Riesling. I’ve heard Queen Elizabeth’s wine of choice is a sweet German wine, so be like the Queen and sip on some German Riesling!

The Undoing and Zinfandel

The Undoing is a psychological thriller about a therapist that finds herself in the middle of a tragedy. I don’t know how we waited a week between each episode of this show! If you haven’t started this yet lucky for you, you can binge it all in one sitting if you want. Every episode had me thinking someone new was the killer. We’d pair this show with a California Zinfandel. Like The Undoing we never want to put down a glass of Zinfandel. Both the show and the wine is captivating and really sucks you in!

Billions and Cabernet Sauvignon

Billions is a complex drama about power and politics in the world of New York city finance. There are five seasons to binge and you won’t want to turn it off. We’d pair Billions with any Cabernet Sauvignon from Pritchard Hill in Napa. Pritchard hill is the best grape-growing region in Napa that you’ve probably never heard of. Why, because it’s exclusive, and it’s not an official appellation. Pritchard Hill has some of the most expensive and hard to get Napa Cab’s. The main character Axe, lives in a world filled with exclusive access, and opulence, so an exclusive wine is fitting. If you can’t get your hands on a bottle of Cab from Pritchard Hill (keep trying, kidding) any Cab will do!

Peaky Blinders and Syrah

Peaky Blinders is about a ruthless crime family from Birmingham, England set between world wars. Something about Thomas Shelby, head of the family, makes you sympathize with and like a gangster. There are five seasons to binge, and a rumored two more to be filmed. This show is dark and intense, and needs a wine that matches the intensity. Syrah is inky and dark in color. It’s bold, has spicy notes and finishes with a punch of flavor.

Succession and Bordeaux Blend

Succession is a drama about a powerful New York family who owns a media empire. Logan Roy, current CEO and chairman of the board, toys with his kids as he decides who will take over when he retires, or more realistically when he is no longer around. The show is addictive as it follows the drama and dynamics that come with running an empire. The family is bougie AF, so it’s only fitting we pair this with a left bank Bordeaux blend. The primary blending grape on the left bank is Cab. Which creates a bolder, peppery wine. Fitting as Logan’s personality is bold, and spicy.

Entourage and Rosé

Entourage is such a great light show that’ll give you a good laugh every now and then. It follows four best friends who move from New York to LA with their friend Vince, who is primed to be the next big thing in Hollywood. The show goes over the in’s and out’s of their life as well as Vince’s agent (Ari – who I LOVED). We pair this show with a nice rosé because who in California (or anywhere for that matter) doesn’t love this type of wine? Rosé is light and refreshing, just like this show 🍷

Queens Gambit and GSM Blend

Queens Gambit is about an orphan chess prodigy that struggles with addiction on her way to become the best chess player in the world. It sounded boring to me when I read the description but it kept getting recommended so I finally gave it a shot and I finished it in two days. It was SO good. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the main character, Beth, in the series and she is absolutely captivating. We chose GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre) Blend because this is such a smooth and approachable wine that keeps your attention as well as the characters in this show.

Virgin River and Porch Pounders

This show is about a nurse who has a mysterious past that moves to a new town, Virgin River. Her past is revealed in snippets throughout the first season which is heart wrenchingly sad. The show covers her journey in healing herself while making new friends in a small northern California town. Virgin River has love, drama and tear filled episodes you’ll be sure to love! We like to think porch pounders (anything under 14% alcohol) are perfect for this show because it gives you small town feels and you’ll be mindlessly sipping (and crying at some parts) that you’re not going to want anything too strong.

Shameless and Two Buck Chucks

Okay so this is not one for you if you can’t handle complete inappropriateness or a show that’s not politically correct. It’s honestly one of the best most “shameless” shows I’ve seen and I keep coming back for more. It follows a family of 6 and their drunk selfish Dad. One of the main characters, Fiona, has to raise her brothers and sisters and it follows their story of survival and poverty. Two Buck Chucks are a given to us for this show simply for the price point but you’re still going to be drinking something delicious 😊

Sweet Magnolias and White Wine Margaritas

I LOVED this show, it only has one season (so far) but you will binge it to no end. This a classic chick flick movie in a tv series format and we are here for it. It follows three childhood best friends and their lives the ups and the downs, careers, romance, family and drama abound. You will fall in a love with each and every character and it just gives you major feels. This particular group of friends do Margarita Nights on the regular so it’s only fitting that you be drinking a white wine margarita while watching this!

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