Scouting the Perfect Pair: your guide to Girl Scout cookie pairings

At the start of every year we look forward to seeing girl scouts staked out outside the grocery store selling cookies. This year has looked a little different, and we haven’t seen the Girl Scouts at the grocery store. We’ve done the leg work to figure out how to get your hands on some cookies, because if you’re like us the stash of thin mints in the freezer is long gone and needs to be restocked!

Ways to Order

  • Find a local girl scout and order via their online link (this is how I ordered some), you can choose to have the girl scout deliver them or choose to have them shipped to you (minimum of 4 boxes for shipping).
  • Use the online cookie finder here
  • Text COOKIES to 59618
  • Download the Girl Scout cookie finder app

If you’re wanting to help a local group of girls, below are four links of Girl Scout Troops that our sorority works with directly each year:

Troop 12406

Troop 60216

Troop 10019

Troop 61748

As we were waiting for our cookies to arrive this year we started thinking, what’s the only thing that could make these cookies better? Pairing them with some wine!  We’ve rounded up a few pairings, but let us know if you have a pairing you love!

Thin Mints®

Thin Mints are pretty much everyone’s favorite girl scout cookie but they are so incredibly hard to pair with wine. Well we have you covered because we found the perfect pairing using a local wine from Temecula! The Kiss of Chocolate (red wine) from Thornton winery is the perfect wine to complement this cookie. The chocolate wine enhances the menthol mouth feel of the cookie while keeping a silky finish. This wine is on the sweeter side on its own but when paired with the Thin Mint cookie its pulling more of the red wine flavor and giving off light notes of cocoa. This pairing was the best we’ve had with this cookie (and we’ve tried a lot) so if you’re looking for a sure thing we recommend you pick up a bottle here!

Trefoils® (Shortbread)

I thought these buttery shortbread cookies would be a breeze to pair. I ate my words on that one (HA!). I chose a California chardonnay, anticipating a buttery chardonnay to pair perfectly. For the second pairing I chose bubbly. A non-vintage sparkling wine from Burgundy, France. Very similar to champagne, but without the price tag. When I think of buttery wine I think of California chardonnay, and in my head a buttery wine with a buttery cookie made perfect sense. I was wrong. It was overkill, and it created an oily taste. The bubbles however, they were perfect. It was crisp with an abundance of bubbles which was able to cut through the fatty butter taste.

You can find a bottle of the Henri Champliau Blanc de Blancs here.

Samoas® (Caramel deLites®)

Samoas are one of my all time favorite girl scout cookies, that coconut-chocolate-caramel combination is just heavenly to me. So when it came to pairing a wine with it (and its sweetness) my mind went to bubbles… but not just any bubbly – Lambrusco. If you’re not familiar with lambrusco it is a slightly sweet sparkling red variety out of Italy and it is seriously under recognized in the States. We paired this with a classic bottle, Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia Modena (It’s a mouthful we know) – this winery is the oldest producer of lambrusco in Italy so you know what you’re getting in a bottle (and it doesn’t break bank). You guys, I love samoas on their own… I love this lambrusco on its own…. but together? MAGIC. The Samoas enhance the texture and flavor of this sparkling making it creamy and the strawberry notes pull through beautifully. Honestly be careful with this pairing because you’ll not only finish your bottle of wine but the box of cookies, you’ve been warned. 😉

You can find a bottle of the Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia Modena 2019 here.

Do-si-dos® (Peanut Butter Sandwiches)

For this pairing I was going for PB&J, because who doesn’t love a good PB&J. We tested two wines with these cookies – gamay from Beaujolais and a zinfandel from California. I chose gamay as it’s known to be high in acid with low tannins making it easy to pair with a variety of foods, and it’s also fruit forward. I chose a California zinfandel known for being jammy and filled with dark fruit flavors. Hoping it would be the J to the PB. Honestly this tasting was a hard call, both my husband and I liked the gamay and zinfandel with the cookies. When I told him I was going for PB&J he said the zinfandel delivered just that, and I have to agree with him.

Grab a bottle of Rombauer’s Zinfandel. It’s a good one to have on hand with or without cookies.

Toast-Yay™ (French Toast Inpsired)

I’m not going to lie I was so upset when I found out the Thanks-a-Lot cookies were discontinued and replaced with these… I almost didn’t get them out of spite. I am SO glad that I bought a box of these french toast deliciousness cookies – they legitimately taste like you’re eating a piece of french toast soaked in maple syrup and powdered sugar. So for a wine pairing my mind naturally went to mimosa because what else do you drink at breakfast time? This did not disappoint, the mimosa with the Toast-Yay’s went together like peanut butter and jelly. We tried it three different ways: prosecco, prosecco with orange juice and also prosecco with grapefruit juice – all of which paired amazingly well with this cookie. My personal favorite was prosecco and grapefruit juice, the acidity from the grapefruit and the bubbles from the prosecco really cut back the sweetness of the maple flavor in the cookie. To be honest, all three options were fantastic. If you’re looking for a still wine to go with this I think a nice Pinot Noir would pair well – we haven’t tried it together (yet) but if we were going a red wine route this is the first we’d try!

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