Rosé Everyday

Rosé’s are casual easy drinkers that you can drink year-round. A staple you should add to your collection. Pull a bottle of rosé out for any occasion and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Fearless Rosé

We often feel so, so about rosé, probably because most are made in the saignée method. Meaning winemakers bleed off juice as a by-product of their regular red wines, and the juice that is bled off is then made into rosé. We typically don’t like rosé made in this method because it taste like it’s an afterthought. For this rosé Chelsea,  Fearless Winemaker, set off to intentionally make a rosé, and it shows! The fruit was picked intentionally, using only high-quality grapes, at the optimal time – early in the season. The result is so worth the effort! In the glass it’s a stunning salmon pink. On the palate it’s refreshingly lively, and oh so smooth with notes of peach, jasmine, and strawberry.

The bottle is inspired by a perfume bottle, with Beyoncé curves, hailing from France!

Chandon Etoilé Rosé

This is sparkling Rosé but we couldn’t talk about Rosé without including Chandon Etoilé Rosé. It’s one of our favorites! The first time I tried it I ordered a second bottle before even finishing the first!

The Etoilé collection is the star of Chandon’s portfolio. You can tell the amount of care and thought that has gone into this Sparkling Wine, it’s the epitome of elegance.

Upon opening the bottle, you’ll notice the coloring is a beautiful copper. The first sip is meet with notes of strawberry, chocolate, and floral. The strawberry is a nice juxtaposition against the floral notes. It’s not overly sweet, well balance and very easy drinking.

Bring this Rosé to an event, it’s sure to impress!

Forever Baby, Rosé by Tank Garage Winery

Before the 2020 harvest started the Tank Garage team set out to make a rosé that topped all of their previous efforts…and they succeeded (we haven’t tried their other rosé’s, but this was fantastic)! This is one to snag before it sells out, because once it’s gone it’s gone for good.

This rosé was made intentionally, and not in the saignée method. As we’ve said before you can truly taste the difference. This wine tastes intentional vs tasting like an afterthought. Made up of mostly grenache and cinsaut. The grapes come from the Sierra Foothills during a harvest that was hot producing bright fruit flavors. On the nose you get rose and strawberry, and on the palate it’s crisp, fruity – strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit, and lasts forever! It definitely keeps you coming back for more!

Flowers Sonoma Coast Rosé 

Flowers Pinot Noir is one of my favorite Pinot Noir’s, so naturally I had to try their Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir. This is a Rosé I’d reach for time and time again. It’s great for sipping, pairing with a charcuterie board, fruity dessert, or shellfish. It’s honestly so versatile, a good one to have on hand for entertaining or those just because moments.

In the glass it’s pale pink, like cherry blossoms. On the nose you get vibrant fruit aromas, and it’s filled with flavors of peach, strawberry, and rose petals. It starts silky smooth, and ends with a fresh acidity that creates a crisp long finish.

Stein Rosé Trocken Mosel

My first German Rose, and I’m officially hooked. Where has this been my whole life. If you haven’t tried a German Rose get your hands on a bottle NOW! They’re not super easy to come by, so if you do come across one get it!

This Rose is made mostly of Pinot Noir with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It has more body than your usual rose which I loved! Similar to other German wines it has a minerality to it while still being light. Filled with notes of strawberry, lemon, cherry and bright acidity.

Seriously disappointed I only bought one bottle of this. I’ll be on the hunt for more German Rose, so if you find a good one let us know!

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