How It All Began

Our friendship started over 10 years ago, we were big and little sisters at Kappa Delta Sorority (find out more about us). After college we continued to grow our bond and discovered a mutual love for wine and travel. During our first wine trip together to Napa Valley we realized something special, we travel really well together, our spouses get along great (both are great photographers) AND we are the biggest wine enthusiasts we know. We live on opposite sides of the country, so traveling is an essential part of staying in touch and staying close. What better way to make the most of our trips than to make them wine focused?! 

Our trips are planned and based on wine regions that we want to explore all while we catch up on each other’s lives.  That’s where the idea for our blog first came to us, we want to share our experiences with every other wine lovers out there. We want to share what wineries and towns we’ve been to and the type of experiences we had and received. Our goal is to help someone plan their first, second or millionth trip to a wine region and give you something new to explore and experience. We want to help make planning a wine vacation as stress free and fun as possible, because after all isn’t that the whole point of the trip! 🙂 

Throughout our blog you’ll find travel tips, winery reviews, outfit styling and weekly daily drinker reviews and suggestions. It’s your first and last stop for all things wine and travel related; providing you with information and tips on how to make the most of your experience. We are by no means sommeliers, but we do know our way around a glass of wine 😉  

Thanks for following along – we hope you’ll stay a while!