Gift Guide

If you’re unsure of what to get your wine loving friend, loved one or family for the holiday’s or you’re just looking for a nice wine themed gift for the host of your next holiday party we have you covered! Below are our top picks this holiday season. 

  1. This Mulled Wine gift set. ($75) What we love about it, you’re getting two beautiful glass mugs and the mulling spices. This is one of our favorite wintertime drinks and having the mulling spices pulled together for you just makes it that much easier to make. Pick your favorite cheap bottle of dry red, throw in the spice mix and a little orange and you’re good to go!
  2. Wine Decanter – ($100) This is an essential item for all wine lovers. We love this decanter from Wine Enthusiast, it gets the job done and is also a beautiful piece that can be put on display. We recommend doing their add on for the cleaning beads if you’re feeling especially nice because cleaning these bad boys can be a chore and those certainly make it a lot easier (bonus is if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, the cleaning beads are perfect!)
  3. Coravin Model 3 – ($200) Okay so I got this for the hubby as an anniversary gift and it is AMAZING. We’ve seen these wine tastings plenty of times before, especially at higher end wineries. What we love so much about this is it is made to allow for you to have one glass of wine from a bottle without ever opening the bottle and keeping the wine inside preserved as if you’ve never tasted it. So if you’re not in the mood for the same wine one night or don’t feel like finishing a bottle by yourself this is PERFECT. It’s super easy to use and clean as well!
  4. This Table Top Wine Bottle Opener – ($150) Such a cool display piece to have for your wine bar or countertop at home. You’re able to customize this with an initial and last name, initial or leave it blank. It comes in different finishes so you’re able to have a metal finish that will fit your display needs. (This just may be a gift for the hubs this year 😉 )
  5. Stemware – ($75) The wino in your life could always use some new stemware! Anything from Simon Pearce is a good choice. Everything they make is hand made. They hand blow all the glass in their store in Vermont. If you ever have the chance to visit, it’s a really cool process to watch! These glasses are perfect for everyday, but they’re also nice enough for a special occasion. Technically you can put Simon Pearce glasses in the dishwasher (I’m too nervous and always hand wash mine), and unlike traditional china you don’t need a special soap to wash them with. The ease of cleaning them makes them way more usable. This stemware comes at a steeper price of $75 a glass, but the quality can’t be beat. They’re so worth it!
  6. Vinglace – ($35 – $90) For anyone who loves outdoor activities Vinglace has tons of options for taking your wine on the go. Their wine chiller and stemless wine glasses work well for pretty much all activities. They’re perfect for a picnic, boat days, and beach days. They are cute but also keep your wine at the perfect temperature no matter how hot it is outside. The stemless wine glasses are made with real glass not metal, so you won’t taint the taste of your wine. They also come with a lid, spill proof!
  7. Big Macs & Burgundy – ($25) A new coffee table book is never a bad idea. It’s an even better idea when it’s this good! These are all the food and wine pairings you really want. Think cheetos and Sancerre Blanc, or sour patch kids and Riesling. While also providing some background knowledge on how to pair wine and foods, so can you start to make your own pairings. This is perfect for a seasoned wine expert or someone who is just getting started with the world of wine.
  8. Wine Art – ($28 – $78) Ever seen art made from wine? We had not, until we stumbled across Elysia Myers on Instagram. She makes the cutest paintings all using wine. Not only is it a really cool concept but her pieces come out beautifully! These paintings would make the perfect gift for someone who just moved, or just because. If you’re looking to gift an experience, she’s offering virtual wine painting and tasting classes.
Simon Pearce Stemwear